I studied design and cabinet making at London’s Central School of Arts & Crafts (now Central St.Martins) and then spent 5 years as an assistant to leading architects and designers. This experience has lead to a good understanding of buildings, and architects ideas about design. I started the workshop after 15 years practicing as a free-lance designer to the furniture industry.

I set out to make proper pieces of furniture that exploit traditional forms of construction but are, never the less, expressions of today.

I always seek an appropriate form for each piece, relating it to its surroundings, either by contrast or closely related style. I work closely with my clients to achieve furniture that will live up to their expectations and aspirations towards a new commission.

Their input is a strong influence in helping my creation of a new design for them. I believe the success and beauty of a design lie as much in the consistent attention to detail and choice of materials as in the overall concept.